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Vision Unlimited, LLC
Executive Coach & Business Advisor
It's all about YOU and your business vision!

"There are only three types of businesses and business leaders: those that make things happen, those that watch things happen, and those that wonder what happened." (Anon.)

Business Advisor

As a Business Advisor, we provide business consulting for business owners and CEOs of small- to medium-sized companies who need:

  • Business plans and budgets, best business practices, new ideas for achieving expansion dreams, and clear, practical, and economical solutions to difficult problems

  • Financing for growth or operations, and better control of cash flow

  • Plans to prepare businesses for sale or merger, and ideas for maximizing the elements of business valuation that can result in successful and profitable exit strategies

  • Sales & Marketing plans and budgets

  • Internal processes and operations manuals

  • Quality Assurance programs

  • Corporate governance documents and corporate veil protection of personal assets

  • Employment agreements, employee review processes, and compensation plans for all levels of employees and independent contractors

  • Time management strategies to re-establish a healthy work and family time balance

Executive Coach

As an Executive Coach, we provide coaching and mentoring for senior executives reporting to business owners/CEOs, to help them:

  • Define their role in the organization itself to maximize performance and profitability

  • Achieve their highest personal and business development goals

  • Develop leadership, negotiation and team-building skills

  • Maximize peer-to-peer relationships to minimize silo thinking and contribute to corporate growth

  • Manage their time better to achieve more with less stress