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Executive Coach & Business Advisor
It's all about YOU and your business vision!

"There are only three types of businesses and business leaders: those that make things happen, those that watch things happen, and those that wonder what happened." (Anon.)

About Peter Coleman, CEO, Vision Unlimited, LLC
Executive Coach & Business Advisor

Peter ColemanPeter Coleman has a wealth of experience in a variety of small to medium-sized retail, wholesale and manufacturing businesses, and offers simple, practical and economical solutions to management problems and challenges.

Peter's background includes Senior Vice-Presidential and General Management positions with several small- to mid-size companies throughout the Midwest, and a strong record of success in growing sales, improving productivity and profitability, and developing successful employee retention and compensation programs that produced measurable results.

He has a generalist's background in the following business roles within these positions, all of which qualify him to help identify the problems and opportunities your business may be facing:

● Profit & Loss Management ● Revenue & Profit Growth ● Treasury Management
● Human Resources ● Mergers/Acquisitions ● Team Building ● Leadership ● IT Oversight
● Manufacturing ● Operations ● Customer Service ● Quality Assurance
● Wholesale & Retail Sales ● Distribution ●Advertising/Marketing ● Product Development

Peter Coleman, CEO of Vision Unlimited, LLC is an Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business, an international group of business executives who have held senior leadership posts as executive officers and general managers in every kind of business for many years.  More than 5,000 executives around the world have earned this accreditation, and act as a network of available experts to help solve any problem. 

A Note from Peter Coleman....

My accreditation with the Institute for Independent Business requires me to donate time each month to meet with qualified business owners to discuss problems or challenges facing them.  If you would like a confidential meeting at your office or mine, at no cost or obligation, please call me at (763) 675-5040.